Winter Fuel Campaign

Almost 50,000 households across Sussex live in fuel poverty; not having enough money to pay for heating their homes as well as other essentials such as food and rent.

The impact on families’ health and wellbeing is huge, but no more so than during the cold winter months when costs rise.

Family Support Work helps hundreds of families in need throughout Sussex, many of whom cannot afford to keep warm throughout winter. The choice of “heating or eating” is real and one that we believe no family should have to make.

If you will be receiving a Winter Fuel payment from the Government this year, please consider donating it to us so that we can pass it on to families in need but who aren’t eligible for this payment. A donation of £200 could make an enormous difference to a local family dreading the approach of the cold weather and the added pressures this will bring. With your help, we can reach hundreds of families this winter and do our best to spread the warmth amongst the communities who need it the most.

Thank you.