Priest in Charge’s message

A Message from Rev Sara-Jane                                                                            21 July 2020

What a strange few months it has been.  Yet in all the recent changes, some things remain the same; the birds still sing, the flowers still bloom, the tides still ebb and flow.

This planet we call home continues without us, even in spite of us, and some may say has flourished in our absence during the lockdown!  God the Creator gave us this place to work the land, care for the creatures, fill the earth and be its caretakers.  However, human history shows us taking advantage of the natural world for our own comfort and profit, even pushing other humans aside in the process.

Thankfully, as we have seen again and again, with each new season comes the opportunity to make better decisions and make amends.  In this new season of summer and lifting restrictions, we have the opportunity to continue being kinder neighbours, using our cars less, taking more walks, working from home some of the time and protecting those around us.

It has been heart-warming to hear tales of whole roads looking after each other in the last few months, especially the older and more vulnerable who live there.  I hope this return to selfless community can continue.  Others have donated sacrificially to funds set up to assist any with financial need, due to the Covid-19 virus.  Let’s hope we will continue to be generous to those in crisis.

Some things have changed, like church.  Since the 29th of March our benefice has moved away from meeting face-to-face to watching recorded services on-line.  On Sunday 26th April we held our first live joint parishes ‘Zoom’ service and there have been 13 more since.  The church family has continued to meet together, hear God’s word, sing God’s praise and pray for those in need – The Church is alive and well, even when church buildings are empty.

Now there are more changes coming.  If our country continues to keep the spread of the coronavirus to a minimum, Thakeham parish will hold its first face-to-face service on Sunday 9th August, and then another on Sunday 16th August – and soon after that Sullington parish will announce their plans for face-to-face services.  All details will be on the church websites and on The Sunday Telescope joint parish newsletter in due time.

Changes abound, some will feel like a good thing, a step forward; but if the virus becomes more widespread, and we may find ourselves taking a few steps backward.  Whatever happens, our God is unchanging, and we can cling to The Rock (Psalm 18).

Please stay safe and live to keep those around you safe too.

God bless,