Easter Lilies

At this time of year we usually collect names of our loved-ones who have died. Then we donate towards a lily in their memory. On Easter Day we are greeted by an amazing display of white flowers in the church, celebrating Jesus’ resurrection and remember that our loved-ones are raised to eternal life with him in heaven. We can’t do that this year.

Instead, in 2020 we will be collecting the names of loved-ones you would like to remember in a special service, just as soon as we are permitted to meet in church buildings again.  Please e-mail names to Allison Goodfellow so they can be added to the list. We will also be collecting funds towards a HUGE celebration flower display.  You can donate here or you can post a cheque or cash through the rectory door.

And then, one day soon, we will meet at the church building to celebrate not only the lifting of medical restrictions and the resurrection of Jesus, but the lives of our loved-ones as well.

Thank you.

Allison Goodfellow